Thursday, November 04, 2004

Rainy Day Musings

I was just getting some coffee and I ran into a co-worker. I asked her what she is doing in the office so late. "Baby needs a new pair of shoes," she replied "and I don't mean my daughter."

What is it with women and shoes? Every woman I know has at least 50 pairs of shoes, and is always plotting to buy more. They check out shoes on other women, look in the window of every shoe store they pass, scan web sites, and peruse catalogs. It seems to be a never ending search. I think the nearest thing I have to that type of obsession is Home Depot. Then again, I've never stopped a guy to say, "Hey, great hammer you have there. Where did you get it?" Ummm...well that sounds a little homoerotic, but you get the point.

Anyway, it's a gray, dreary day here in NYC. I'm came to work feeling pretty mellow and content this morning, but things blew up a little later in the day. Now I feel mentally and emotionally drained. I wish I could crawl into bed and fall asleep holding someone that I love. Nobody to do that with, though.

With that in mind, today's entry is going to be mercifully brief. Rather than my amateurish attempts at writing, I thought I'd share a passage that I read in a book called "On the Light Plain" by J. Robert Lennon.

"Still it kept on as it was, without relief. From time to time they met. His head filled up with speeches and ultimatums but he hadn't the courage to speak his mind. He believed now that she loved him, believed that he had no need for her to say so. Nonetheless he told her that he loved her, however much he pleaded with himself not to, and her responses, passionate and sometimes violent but never spoken, left him longing for the covenant of words...Regularly, he took himself off to lonely places to let the emotion spill out of him."

I know the feeling.