Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Survey Says

I discovered last night that it's a startlingly short leap from chatting with a stranger while waiting for the 'E' train to dancing (albeit poorly) with her to the sounds of "Besame Mucho" as played by a musician working for tips at the Lexington Avenue / 53rd Street subway station.

The fact that I even knew the song got me to thinking about how far out of touch I've become with the current music scene. For example, had the man been playing "Don't Phunk with My Heart," I probably would've stood there looking confused for a few minutes before realizing what it was.

With that in mind, I decided to embark on a survey of iPod listeners to catch up on what's popular these days. Armed with a clipboard and pen, I walked up to everyone that I saw wearing iPod headphones and I asked them what they were listening to. Based on my informal survey here are the top 5 songs in NYC at the moment:

5. Leave Me Alone, Pervert
4. Don't Make Me Call the Police
3. F*** You, A**hole
2. None of Your Motherf****ing Business
1. Back Up Off Me (Before I Shove This iPod Up Your A**)