Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Slow Chase

The foot lights dimmed as Act II came to a close. Standing just offstage, Detective Jordan scanned the audience looking for Billy Windsor, the man he'd spent weeks tracking down. He about to call off the stakeout when his eyes were drawn to a figure slowly making his way down the aisle.

Acting on the discreet signal they'd developed, he alerted the officers he'd stationed throughout the theater by jumping off of the stage, pointing to the man, and shouting "THERE HE IS!"

A life of crime had taught Windsor to recognize subtle clues like this, and so acting on instinct he turned and sprinted back up the aisle. Jordan leapt off the stage in hot pursuit, pausing only briefly to exchange phone numbers with an attractive brunette in the second row. Meanwhile, the curtain rose signaling the start of Act III. After huddling and quickly convincing each other that Jordan had matters under control, the other officers returned to their seats to see how the play ended.

Windsor and Jordan burst out of the theater and into the crowded street. Both men quickly tired as the chase wore on thorugh the winding and hilly streets. As they passed Elm Street, Jordan's cell phone rang. He stopped to pick it up, hopeful that the brunette from the theater would be on the other end. Much to his surprise, it was Windsor. After a brief chat, they agreed to continue the chase at a brisk walk.

At the reduced speed, both men were able to continue the chase for the better part of the day. Both grew hungry as the evening wore on, and so after another quick conversation, they stopped in a local steakhouse for a bite to eat. Of course, they took seperate tables as it would be unseemly to be seen dining together.

At around 8:15 p.m., Jordan thought he'd lost Windsor. He cursed himself as for dawdling over his after dinner cappuccino. He knew it had been a foolish decision, especially after he noticed that Windsor had elected to skip desert. He left the restuarant in a foul mood.

Fortunately, luck was on his side. Just up the road, he caught sight of Windsor standing at the corner waiting for the walk signal. Just before the light changed, Jordan caught up with him and made the arrest.
The next night Jordan awoke with a start from a deep and well-earned slumber. He reached over and gently shook the brunette.

"Do you smell something burning?" he asked.

"That's just me" she mumbled sleepily "I told you that I usually smoke after sex."

He lifted the blanket and peeked down at her. "Yeah, but I thought you meant cigarettes..."