Friday, September 16, 2005

The Week in Pictures XV

Please accept my apology in advance for what is, even by my standards, a poor "Week in Pictures." I appear to have been stricken with a touch of the flu or something which, even as I type this, has me longing for the comfort of my bed and a few more hours of sleep.

We start the week with a huge thank you to LmaC and Trevor for enlightening me about the "The Arcade Fire" in time for me to catch them at Summer Stage in Central Park last night.

A member of the Seabees was injured when he was accidentally thrown into a pile of garbage by President Bush, who was using his powers of telekinesis to help clean up debris on a New Orleans street.

Aliens using military tactics copied from the once popular Space Invaders game were easily defeated as they attempted to invade earth earlier this week.

Another chapter was added to the ongoing canine brothel saga this week as communities in the area surrounding the recently closed house of ill repute are now complaining that the displaced dogs have begun using nearby parks and school yards to conduct their business.

A school bus hostage drama ended peacefully when this man, who authorities identified as a Mr. T. Bear, surrendered to authorities after a three hour standoff. The children on the bus had apparently bonded with their captor during the ordeal and insisted on hugging him before he was taken away.

After killing a Giant that had been terrorizing New Guinea, triumphant soldiers returned to Port Moresby in a boat carrying a pair of his sewing needles that they'd taken as trophies.

The southwestern Chinese city of Kunming is forcing developers to change the names of properties deemed too foreign-sounding, saying they debase traditional culture. At least nine developments have changed their names since officials began implementing new guidelines last month including "Paris of the East Plaza," "French Gardens," and "Ginza Office Tower," which have been respectively re-named "Kunming Dear," "Kunming Soon," and "Oh God, I'm Kunming."

In Atlanta, four people were injured when a man dropped the giant mug of beer he was carrying as he climbed to the top of a sculpture to look down women's tops.

This week's gratuitous picture: Catherine Zeta Jones*

*Special thanks to MJ for this one.

Barbecue mavens across the country are jumping on the latest culinary craze: Grilled Mud.

Now let's pause for a few words from our fellow bloggers:

Speaking of culinary wisdom, this week's High Desert Diva lesson of the week: How to Turn Her On. Not only that, but she posted some great recipes this week.

Our poem of the week comes from Nikki and is titled Work-in-Progress.

**Those of you that are offended by explicit poetry might not want to click there. **

Note to myself: Learn how to write well on the off chance that one day someone will write something like that about me.

Our rant of the week is Roger's Righteous Indignation.

The two most popular posts of the week, at least amongst the many men clamoring for their attention, are MJ's Bent-Slightly and Lavinia's HNT #3...Decoding Dress Codes.

And our song of the week is Dinah Washington's "Teach Me Tonight" (see sidebar to hear the song) back to our regularly scheduled Week in Pictures:

In Athens, several spectators at an air show lodged complaints after Britain's Red Arrows took to the sky and drew a giant heart on.

In a surprise announcement, Bill Gates is planning to retire at the end of the year and turn Microsoft over to his illegitimate son.

Singer, actress, and fashion designer Jennifer Lopez was hospitalized this weekend for what her publicists called "a severe case of dandruff."

In business news, German automaker Volkswagen unveiled their newest vehicle, the Cabriolet, which has the ability to drive on both roads and walls.

And finally, in sports, Italy's Federico Balzaretti and Ighli Vannucchi were the surprise gold medal winners at the Soccer Ballet World Championships in Dublin.

Editor's Note: Festi, Jeanne, Lavinia, and other non-American readers may substitute the following caption:

And finally, in sports, Italy's Federico Balzaretti and Ighli Vannucchi were the surprise gold medal winners at the Football Ballet World Championships in Dublin.