Monday, February 13, 2006

Awake is the New Sleep

There's nothing like a good old Nor'Easter to dump 20+ inches of snow in the region and make the commute back from New England resemble Admiral Perry's trek to the North Pole. Yeah, it was just like that. Except I'm pretty sure he didn't drive an SUV. Or have plows out there trying to make the roadways safe. Or roadways for that matter.

Okay, maybe it was nothing like that. Anyway, needless to say, the trip home too much longer than I thought - partially due to my desire to stretch the weekend out as long as possible. By the time I got home, and got a parking spot shoveled out, it was pretty much time to drink a cup of coffee, and watch the WB 11's breathtakingly beautiful Lisa Mateo update the transit situation before jumping in the shower and heading off to work.

I mean, I jumped in the shower and headed to work - not her. She was already at work. And I'll just assume she showered before she went in.

Now to be fair, I could have slept for an hour or two before I came in, but I didn't want to miss even one of the traffic and transit reports. As a result, I'm suffering through an endless morning on no sleep and six cups of coffee (thus far). Anyone who's in the area should feel free to drop by and escort me home later as I'm sure to be a babbling idiot by around six tonight.

Well, more of a babbling idiot than usual.

On the bright side, the person who escorts me home will have the option to either (1) place a cup next to me on the subway for donations - and keep the proceeds or (2) roll me when I fall asleep and make off with my wallet and iPod.

It's your call.

Interested parties can meet me in the building lobby after work.

It's now 3:35 p.m. and I just proceeded to take a micro-nap

...while standing on my feet a conference room

...teaching a class.

Fortunately, my knees buckled and I woke up. I think everyone there is convinced that I'm a narcoletpic. I think I'll be able to use that to my advantage in the future.

Then again, maybe they think I'm so boring that I put myself to sleep.