Monday, February 27, 2006

The Thin Line

Have you ever been in love with someone who didn't love you?

It's not that they treated you badly. In fact, they may have even treated you well. They could have been the kind of person that would do anything in the world for you just to see you smile, but they just didn't love you and nothing in the world was going to change the way they felt.

In the end, the only way most people can deal with the hopelessness of that kind of rejection is to hate the other person, even if that means inventing reasons to do so.

It's like the way you hated the cool kids in high school. You'd call them names, start rumors about them, write disparaging notes about them -- but if they'd ever invited you to join them you would have leapt at the opportunity.

I think that's why so many failed relationships end up with one or both people hating the other. It's not that they suddenly can't stand the person they once loved (and maybe still love) so deeply, it's just that it's easier to hate the other person than to admit that they can't be with them.

So have you ever loved someone so much that you hate them?

Well, then you know how I feel about bacon.