Wednesday, February 15, 2006

West Coastin'

I'm about to drop off of the grid for the next week and a half or so. I only mention this because if I didn't, I'm pretty sure that nobody would notice that I'm gone.

If I find some free time, I'll post a little something but in the event that I don't, I've assembled some reruns for you to peruse in my absence. (Hence the picture on the right of Rerun. You remember him, right? The little brother of Lucy and Linus? I'm so funny! Ha, ha, ha...ugh)

Notice that I don't call it a "Best Of" because, let's be honest, even the best dreck is still just dreck in the end.

Those of you looking for good writing will want to either click on one of the blog links to the right or take your chances with the "next blog" button above, because you certainly aren't going to find any here.

Wednesday, February 15: The Pick Up Artist

Thursday, February 16: Blown Job

Friday, February 17: Duel You Love Me

Saturday, February 18: Modern Day Romeo and Rhett Dreams

Sunday, February 19: Jesus Saves and Behind the Election: Pope Benedict XVI

Monday, February 20: Triage

Tuesday, February 21: The End of Innocence

Wednesday, February 22: 30 Second Relationship

Thursday, February 23: Survey Says and Stranded on the Escalator

Friday, February 24: Behind the Scenes

Saturday, February 25: Monkey Business and Son Spot

Sunday, February 26: The Origins of Ash Wednesday and Junk Mail

If you find my absence too much to take and you desperately need to speak with me or see me, I'll be at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in beautiful, historic Union Square through this Sunday. Please try to avoid crowding me in the lobby, though. Those kinds of scenes get embarassing after a while.

Alternatively, you can simply wander around the Embarcadero in the morning as you're almost certain to find me passed out there after one of attempts at a morning run.

After Sunday, I'm just going to land wherever feels comfortable as I travel around seeing the sights and exposing the western region of the United States to my own special brand of ineptitude. I'm sure I'll have lots of long and not very interesting stories to tell when I return.