Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Next Chapter

After a night spent in shell shock over the layoff, I awoke today and commenced networking. The hardest part about that was telling the layoff story to everyone that I spoke with. In short, it went like this;

I was asked to conduct a few layoff discussions yesterday afternoon. My boss had flown out from SF to be there since the NY office was in a period of low morale. At the end of the meetings, I dropped into his office to give him a quick summary, and was surprised to find the West Coast HR manager there. They said "We're sorry about the timing - especially considering the discussions you've had with the others today, but we're afraid that your position is included in the layoffs." They then began to work from the script that I'd written for the discussions before I interrupted by saying that I understood and that they needn't read the entire thing. A few platitudes later I was packing my boxes and wandering in a daze to the subway.

As a result of an overly generous divorce settlement - the result of my desire to end a sad chapter in my life and move on to what I'd hoped would be a happier time with a woman that I was deeply in love with - money is going to be very, very tight for a while. That said, the past is behind me and there's nothing to be gained by dwelling on it or becoming bitter about anything. I'm not the first to face disappointment in life, nor will I be the last. I'll just try to get through this as quickly as possible and with as much dignity as I can muster.

As would be expected, I've also spent the day hitting the various job sites and sending the resume to any openings that seem promising. I'm far from desperate so I'm not planning to jump on the first thing that comes my way. Erm...unless it's a really good job, that is.
On the bright side, over the weekend I took some pictures of my niece Jasmine that I'm sure you're all anxious to see. Unfortunately, I'm in a few of them. That said, she's cute enough for both of us. I'll post them in the next day or so.

Favorite conversation with her:

Me: "What does a doggie say?"
Her: "Woof"
Me: "What does a duck say?"
Her: "Quack, Quack"
Me: "What does a frog say?"
Her: "Ribbit"
Me: "What does a cat say?"
Her: "Meow"
Me: "What does a horsey say?"
Her: "Giddy-up"