Friday, May 05, 2006

The Week in Pictures XLIII

Random Friday Thoughts:

Another week of interviews and activities designed to keep boredom and insanity at bay comes to a close with not much new to report. I have a second interview at the cosmetics company on Monday, a first interview at the asset management company on Wednesday, and will likely have a second interview at the investment bank one day next week.

Otherwise, the weekend much. I plan to go hiking upstate tomorrow morning before swinging out to my sisters house in the early evening to celebrate my father's 65th birthday and then heading out with some friends at night.

Sunday should consist of the normal 9 a.m. softball game at Kennedy Park followed by drinking and an afternoon of sobering up and prepping for Monday's interview.

Tonight, however, is reserved for Cinco de Mayo celebrations. As you may be aware "Cinquo de Mayo" is Spanish for "excuse for Americans to get drunk." The holiday celebrates that glorious day in 1979 when Corona beer was introduced in the United States. It's generally considered an "amatuer hour" celebration (see St. Patrick's Day and New Year's Eve for other examples), marked by drunken idiots vomiting in garbage cans and passing out on the sidewalk. As a rule, I'd avoid bars like the plague today, but a friend of mine who owns a bar/restuarant is throwing a party and so I promised to attend. The things I do for my friends...

Anyway, with all of that said, let's move on to the WiP.

Let me begin by apologizing for what will likely be a lackluster WiP. You see, I've let myself go just a little bit over the two and a half weeks since I lost my job.

After a recent speech before the Council of Engineering Companies, President Bush entertained the crowd with his world famous Gomer Pyle impersonation.

Back in New York, former President Clinton attended a news conference where he struggled to hide his errection while checking out the ass of President and CEO of Pepsi-Cola North America, Dawn Hudson.

As gas prices soar to record levels, creative motorists are continuing their quest for alternative fuel sources to power their vehicles.

While others have begun to eschew their cars and trucks altogether, choosing to utilize more creative transportation methods.

Police in Beijing are cracking down on the roadside surgery booths that have begun cropping up all over the city.

Security guards at the Metropolitan Museum of Art have resorted to camouflaging themselves as they hunt for an elusive art thief recently spotted nearby.

Our video of the week comes from Long Island's own "Taking Back Sunday". Gotta support the hometown boys...

A local woman was cited for disturbing the peace after eating at a restaurant and then loudly complaining about the size of her bill.

A dramatic increase in the number of cavities has lead the American Dental Association to urge people to take a more aggressive approach to flossing.

Mounted police in Moscow are taking a zero tolerance policy towards skateboarders in public squares, vowing to spear anyone who attempts to do so.

British model Jordan was forced to sit out a recent appearance when her air bags deployed during a collision with another model.

Meanwhile, the up and coming model tapped to replace Jordan at the show called it "quite a feather in her cap."


German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn lost his starting job and may have to retire after becoming inexorably tangled in the net during a recent practice.

And finally, San Francisco police are still on the lookout for the driver of the car that struck Giants outfielder Randy Winn as he leaped to make a catch during a recent game.