Monday, June 05, 2006

Fade to Black

It’s been about seven weeks since I was laid off.

In addition to a ton of other interviews, I recently went through four rounds of interviews with a company over a five-week period. In the end, I was chosen as one of two finalists for an HR Director position. I had high hopes for this as it seemed an ideal fit, but I got a call 15 minutes ago informing me that they offered the job to the other candidate because that person has industry experience.

It's difficult to argue with their logic. To be honest, I'd probably have done the same thing were I making the decision, but as logical as I try to be, I'm still crushed by the fact that I wasn't chosen.

Even worse, nothing else is on the horizon. Everyone keeps telling me not to worry and that something will come up soon, but I'm halfway through the severance package given to me by my former employer, and I'm really starting to worry about money.

I'll be back when I feel able to think clearly again. Until I can do that, I can't even think about writing.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ the meantime, I'm thinking about shaving off my goatee. Here are some before and after pics (click to enlarge). Keep in mind that I suck at PhotoShop - and that I can't help the way I look overall. Thoughts?