Friday, June 02, 2006

The Week in Pictures XLVII

We interrupt our Pirate Adventure to bring you these random Friday thoughts:

Blogger is really pissing me off today.

The same can be said of the opressively warm, muggy, thunderstorm filled weather we're experiencing.

Former personal trainer and current "toruture Joe" enthusaist 'S' is trying to convince me to throw my now slightly-in-shape body into Parkour next week. Meanwhile, I keep telling her that I used to do that when trying to visit my then-girlfriend's apartment in Alphabet City in the late 80's. Except at that point I referred to it as "running from the drug addicts that were trying to kill me and take my wallet."

Where should I go on my next vacation?

Anyone care to join me?

Now on to The Week in Pictures:

Red Bull is being recalled after it was discovered that overindulging in the energy drink can result in troubling side effects.

As fuel costs continued to negatively impact profits, JetBlue announced plans to create a low cost spinoff carrier called "FlyYourselfThere Air"

After several deadly accidents, the Swiss government is considering removing the giant boulders that dot their highway system.

A Belgian man is fielding offers from the gay porn industry after becoming the first man to master blowing four at a time.

Amazingly, a group of men in Hong Kong saved themselves from drowning by furiously rowing to shore. This despite the fact that they were not in a boat at the time.

Prankster Marvin Gimmelford pulled off what he's calling "his all time greatest stunt" by sneaking into heaven and giving Jesus a wedgie.

As requested by First Mate LMizzle a few weeks back, here's a gratuitous picture of Scarlett Johansson.

Here's our video of the week:

And a bonus picture as my way of apologizing for neglecting to post one last week.

A woman in Kuala Laupur broke up with her boyfriend on Tuesday after suddenly realizing that size does, indeed, matter.

An inventor in Britain has created a toilet bowl that comes complete with it's own reading material.

In sports, several competitors at the French Open complained after a scheduling mix-up caused them to play their early round matches on a covered in-ground swimming pool.

The St. Louis Cardinals baseball team suffered through an embarrassing moment when it was brought to the club's attention that the team mascot is actually a Bald Eagle.

Meanwhile, the Intergalactic team arrived in Germany to prepare for it's upcoming World Cup match against France.

In entertainment news, American Idol finalist Ace Young closed his rendition of the National Anthem by holding up his hand to show how many people actually voted for him on the day he was eliminated from the competition.

In entertainment news, thousands of paparazzi desecended on Paris Hilton after a rumor emerged that she'd finally eaten enough to develop an ass.

Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle in TV's "Saved By the Bell," has sued The National Enquirer for libel over an article that included claims she had a drug problem. In response, millions of people around the world asked themselves "What the hell kind of name is Lark Voorhies?"

And finally, Katie Couric provided a special good-bye treat for her fans by making out with news anchor Ann Curry.