Friday, June 09, 2006

The Week in Pictures XLVIII

Random Friday Thoughts:

Disturbed by the steadily decreasing quality of the WiP, I had planned to take this week off from posting it while I decided whether or not to continue the feature. Unfortunately for you, I changed my mind (or, rather, my mind was changed by an e-mail I received), so you'll need to suffer through this post.

Then again, you could always click on the next blog button and spare yourself the misery.

Otherwise, there's really not much going on these days. I did have one interview this week. The fact that it took place at a table at the Starbucks on 57th and 8th should tell you everything you need to know about the professionalism of the entire encounter (no, the job isn't at Starbucks). That said, I believe I have another interview with them next week - this time in an actual office.
In addition, I have an interview with another company on Monday. The woman I'm meeting with said that she'll only need 15 minutes of my time, so clearly she's familiar with my work.


Ugh...let's move on to The Week in Pictures...

In an exclusive interview with Oprah, Former President Bill Clinton recounted the painful story of the night tried to revive their post-Monica Lewinsky love life by meeting Hillary at the door wearing nothing but a smile.

The White House announced that budget constraints have forced a dramatic reduction in the scale of the proposed fence along the border between the United States and Mexico.

In an effort to boost sagging enlistment numbers, the U.S. Army will begin allowing soldiers to carry their pets into combat.

The Mayor of Hell, Michigan announced an ambitious plan to begin paving the town's roads with good intentions.

Police are asking for your help in identifying this man, who is being sought for questioning in a string of recent turtle muggings.

In a cartoonish moment, a German man stood suspended in mid-air for several seconds before crashing to earth when he noticed that the sidewalk beneath him had collapsed.

The Lemming Worshipers Club disbanded after the majority of members committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.

Last week, I promised Grant that I would post a picture of his dentist. Unfortunately, I was unable to find one. I did, however, find this picture of a Japanese dental staff, which I hope will suffice.

In honor of next week's release of The Replacements "Don't You Know Who I Think I Was?", a best-of with two new tracks, here's our video of the week:

I'd forgotten how much I loved "The Mats" in my younger days...

A waitress is undergoing emergency surgery after a drink umbrella became embedded in her forehead when she tripped while serving a tray of cocktails.

In an unusual punishment, a judge sentenced a polar bear found guilty of stealing a picnic basked to six hours in the town pillory.

A 10-foot-tall naked woman was arrested after unsuccessfully attempting to sneak into the opening of the Royal Academy of Arts Summer exhibition in London.

A businessman has opened the world's first Equine Bar, which is targeted at horses who are not fortunate enough to be placed out to stud.

In sports, the World Testicle Crushing Championships kicked off (so to speak) this week.

While the Gay Olympics wrapped up with the traditional Three-Way-Intercourse event.

Last week's Squirrel Wrestling Foundation Death Match was the highest-grossing pay-per-view event in history with 3.8 million buys.

And finally, the plan to place soccer goals in the urinals in the men's rooms at the German Football Federation Media Center fell apart at the last minute when the tiny goalkeepers they'd hired walked out after their calls for better working conditions went unheeded.