Thursday, September 28, 2006

4 What?

It's been nearly a week and I haven't done anything overtly stupid, yet. Well, at least as far as the embryonic relationship goes, that is. That has to be a record for me.

Last night we went to the Yankees/Orioles game with some of her co-workers. For some reason I assumed that they'd have connections, but the seats were so high that I had to hire a sherpa to carry our beer and hotdogs (click on picture to see where we were sitting). On the bright side, when we wanted pretzels, we simply got them from the flight attendant on a passing jet rather than having to walk all the way down to the concession stand.

The Yankees were winning in a blowout so we left in the fifth inning and headed back to Manhattan to grab a late dinner. While we were waiting for the 4 train, a woman walked up to us and began telling reporter girl how much she "loves her work."

She loves her work?!?

I mean, what can you possibly say to follow that up?

"I cried for hours when you reported on the missing puppy - and then when you did that story on the car that crashed into the deli, you made it so real that it was weeks before I could drive my car or eat a pastrami on rye."

Anyway, the most disconcerting thing about hanging out with her are the double takes - particularly since I'm never sure if people are doing it because they recognize her, or because they can't believe that a woman that cute is out with someone like me.

Before you start commenting on my self-esteem or how you're sure it's not all that bad, let me give you five words that come close to describing the disparity: Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri

Enough said.