Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Back In Form

Sorry about yesterday's post, which seems to have sprung from a general malaise brought about by a visit to our downtown office which involved walking by the WTC site - a spot I've tried to avoid visiting for the last few years.

Either that or I wasn't joking about my impending mid-life crisis.

Anyway, based on a conversation I had with a woman in the elevator, I seem to have bounced back to my usual pathetic form:

Her: "You look familiar. Were you at Mr. Dennehy's on Friday?"

Me: "Yes. Don't worry, though. This is just a coincidence. I'm not following you around or anything."

Her: (laughs) "I'm guessing you left Mr. D's because we were out of control. I think a lot of people were annoyed at us."

Me: "Nah. I had to meet someone for dinner. Besides, you guys weren't that bad, expect for that one really obnoxious guy in the blue shirt."

Her: "That's my boyfriend"

Me: "Erm...of course I meant obnoxious in the best possible way."