Friday, October 13, 2006

The Week in Pictures LXIV

Random Friday Thoughts:

The end of the work week is finally upon us and 5:30 can't come quickly enough. After being downtown all day Tuesday, in NJ Wednesday morning and back to midtown Wednesday afternoon, in Stamford yesterday morning and back in midtown yesterday afternoon, and in Long Island today, I'm just looking forward to heading out for dinner and drinks in NYC tonight and then spending the remainder of the weekend engaged in various and sundry stress-relieving pursuits.

That said, I had the summer off so I really can't complain about being tired. And being back at work seems to have dramatically increased the quantity of my blog posts, though it has nothing to do with the continuing decrease in quality.

Quick note: There is no video of the week this week as the staff member responsible for that portion of the WiP is on unpaid leave for offending MG and Okami with last week's selection.

Lets move on to the WiP:

President Bush received the surprise of his life during a recent news conference when Rep. Mark Foley began to orally service him from his hiding place in the White House press room podium.

Faced with plunging profits in a more health conscious world, Krispy Kreme is now selling stale donuts for uses as paving bricks.

Two children barely escaped with their lives when then got stuck under Rosie O'Donnell's skirt.

Among the surprises in the 2006 Neiman Marcus holiday catalog is a do-it-yourself lobotomy kit.

Despite high hopes when the venture was launched last year, business analysts predict that the Tibetan Hearing Aid Company will be bankrupt within a month.

Cuddly Sesame Street character Elmo is trying to shake his good boy image by releasing a hip-hop CD under the pseudonym T.M.X.

Clothing manufacturers that use cheap labor to work in their factories are now facing added criticism for using those same workers as runway models.

A ten-foot-tall hare entered London's Regent's Park and began shooting at passersby in an apparent act of revenge for an unspecified incident during last year's rabbit hunting season.

No caption, this is just a cool picture.

As autumn temperatures plummet, farmers are scrambling to complete their pasta tree harvests in advance of the first frost.

A village of leprechauns was destroyed when a flash flood washed over the end of their rainbows, taking with it the pots of gold the tiny creatures had been guarding.

With all military funds diverted to the country's nuclear weapons testing program, North Korean soldiers left bullet-less can do little more than point their fingers and yell "BANG" at enemy combatants.

This time-lapse picture shows the path of descent that Charlie Brown's newest kite took before tragically crashing into a tree.

The Baked Beans Cook Off was abruptly cancelled due to a mysterious foul odor emanating from the judge's stand.

A man's attempt to build a private helicopter ended in failure when his arms got tired just moments after takeoff.

Figure staking is seeking to harden it's image by allowing fans to toss flaming debris at the skaters as they perform their routines.

A new study shows that the federal crackdown on illegal aliens has fallen short of expectations, and that many have seamlessly blended into their communities.

Seeking to make childbirth more fun for both mother and baby, a local inventor has developed a fun slide extends all the way from the womb to the doctor's waiting arms.

Random breast shot included because Yasamin seems to expect it from me.

After hears of hunting, a local housecat was finally able to capture a mouse that had been lurking near the family's computer.

And finally, a new study confirms that bears do, indeed, shit in the woods, and that they often use crude bowls fashioned by fallen tree limbs to do it. It goes on to say that one of the reasons behind the mystery is that they are incredibly shy about it.