Friday, October 27, 2006

The Week in Pictures LXV

Random Friday Thoughts

Work has been crazy of late. So much so, in fact, that I barely have time to blog. I wish they'd told me that during the interview process as I'd have asked for more money.

I have a wedding to attend tonight. While it sucks to go straight from work to a wedding, it's nice in that it leaves the remainder of the weekend free. Now I can spend Saturday and Sunday doing fun things like...



Let me get back to you on that.

Clocks go back an hour this weekend, so that means an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning. I can't wait.

Let's move on to the WiP:

Six weeks after giving birth, singer Britney Spears made her first public appearance yesterday.

After years of being caged at the Metropolitan Park Zoo in Santiago, Chile, many of the giraffes have come to embrace a BDSM lifestyle.

Residents of Cala Millor reported an unusual sunset yesterday after the village's drinking water was accidentally laced with LSD.

Fans of The View panicked momentarily as Rosie O'Donnell threatened to do a stage dive into the audience during a recent publicity appearance in South Korea.

Two of Disney's most recognizable mascots announced that they're launching their own clothing lines. His will focus on urban fashions, while hers will be more retro in nature, as evidenced by her Minnie-skirt.

Vatican officials are still searching for clues as to the identity of the person that glued Pope Benedict XVI's hands together while the Pontiff slept.

A lost polar bear was finally able to make it back home after stopping near Ontario's Parliament Hill to ask a RCMP officer for directions .

Police are asking for your help in locating the head, neck, torso, and arms that match a pair of legs found wandering around midtown Manhattan.

A severe infestation has local gardeners taking a more aggressive approach towards pest control this year.

Detectives in London's Scotland Yard were somehow able to build an airtight armed robbery case against a suspect based on only a single palm print left at the scene.

Great White Sharks are raving about the new all-you-can-eat buffet that recently opened near Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

This just in...police have located a pair of hands that go with the legs they found earlier. The two have been reunited and are said to be praying for the safe return of the rest of the body.

German officials have quarantined the Berliner Dom Church while they search for the cause of the mysterious rash that's broken out on the face of the building.

Upon seeing state of the restroom at CBGB, former owner Hilly Kristal said "I guess in retrospect we probably should have put some reading materials in there."

The basket attached Honda's Asmio robot balloon fell to the ground after the robot suffered a bout of performance anxiety and deflated while trying to get it up front of a crowd.

After 45 years in the business, acrobat Bruce Cody is changing professions - citing the increasing difficulty of supporting his family.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has been asked to cease wearing revealing blazers after several diplomats complained about her wrinkly cleavage.

Fishermen in a rural village have abandoned plans to catch sunfish after discovering that they couldn't cast their lines nearly far enough.

A Nevada woman desperately trying to sell her living room area rug after realizing that it takes two full days to vacuum it.

In a cost cutting measure, Kryptonian courts have begun imprisoning felons in Mylar balloons rather than the previously used Phantom Zones.

While attempting a difficult maneuver on the balance beam, Brazil's Camila Comin became the first person to successfully stick her head up her own ass.

And finally, a judge has ruled that RJ Reynolds must reimburse a local news station for a satellite dish that was damaged when the Marlboro man used it as an ashtray.