Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Update

The mellow vibe of the lounge stood in stark contrast to that of the local bars - most of which were packed with the post-work week crowd looking to get as drunk as possible as quickly as possible.

Reporter girl and I sat on an oversized velvet couch and sipped our drinks in silence as we let the music wash over us.

She leaned against me and sighed contentedly.

"This is nice" she whispered.

I agreed.

"But it would be much nicer if we were back at your place." she added.

We were out the door before her words faded away.

Saturday was spent relaxing and unwinding, but yesterday brought with it a pleasant surprise when she revealed that she'd been able to pull some strings to get us into the farewell show at the legendary CBGB.

We danced, drank, and shouted along with Patti Smith and the 500+ people that were jammed crowded inside of the 350 person capacity club. For few blissful hours, it felt as if I was living Ultra's life.

Nobody seemed in any hurry to leave afterwards, so a few hundred people hung around sharing drinks and memories with the people milling about outside. It was amazing to hear some of the things people talked about, and I envied their attendance at some of the events that I'd only read about. Needless to say, hearing people speak about the shows put on by legendary acts like The Ramones, the Sex Pistols, the New York Dolls, and Blondie put to shame my tired story about seeing U2 at a club called Malibu on Long Island in the early 80's before they broke big.

Now my hangover and state of exhaustion are such that all I want to do is curl up in the corner and die - which is exactly what I'd do were I not afraid that my temporary hearing loss (always the sign of a great show) would prevent me from communicating with the angels that would (presumably) be waiting to carry me off to heaven.