Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Well Fed

The cold winds blew scattered debris across the desolate landscape. I shivered and wrapped my blanket around me more tightly as I sipped a cup of my preferred Starbucks brand beverage. I’d arrived early Sunday evening and camped out as I’d expected that the lines to snake around the building. However, for some reason I was the only one there. Was it possible that I had the date wrong? I pulled out my Blackberry and confirmed that October 31 was correct.

I checked my watch and sighed. In just a few more minutes I'd have my answer. The time dragged on endlessly, each second seeming to last an eternity. Finally, midnight struck. I sprung from my chair and stood at the doors - waiting for them to spring open so that I could rush in and claim my prize - but alas, the doors stayed closed and the store remained dark. I waited a few more minutes and then I shuffled back to my car dejectedly and loaded my belongings.

On the drive back home, I took solace in the fact that I finally had the answer to the age old question:

“What happens if K-Fed's CD drops and nobody is around to hear it?”