Friday, November 10, 2006

The Week in Pictures LXVII

Random Friday Thoughts:

I couldn't sleep the other night, so I watched "Saving Private Ryan" on one of the HBO channels. It was immediately followed by "Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade" and I found myself wondering why more theaters didn't show that double feature when the films were released.

The elections are over and the Republicans were spanked like a conventioneer in a Las Vegas hotel room. I'll refrain from further comment. I just wanted to use that line.

I was at Rutgers for the big football game against Louisville last night. Fortunately, I was talked out of leaving at the half and I wound up seeing one of the most exciting games in recent memory. It was amazing to sit in the nearly empty stands at the end of the game and watch the students storm the field after Rutgers won in the final seconds.

I also saw Michael Lewis speak at a company event (hence the reason I was in New Jersey in the first place) and I have to say that he was one of the more entertaining speakers I've seen of late, but that's probably because I'm fascinated by statistical analysis in any context.

In keeping with the literary theme, I ran into Nelson DeMille at a bookstore the other night. I recognized him only because I happened to be looking at his new book at the time. I Turns out he's never heard of me or my blog. The bastard...

Anyway, on to the Week in Pictures.

Hillary Clinton barely had time to enjoy her election day victory before husband Bill embarrassed her by arriving naked for the Democratic National Committee's celebratory breakfast.

After getting trounced in the race for Senate, Katherine Harris (R-FL) further disappointed her supporters by boring herself to sleep during her concession speech.

A hunting trip for Melbourne's Lord Mayor John So took a dangerous turn when a duck leapt from a tree and knocked him unconscious with his pantented "flying wing" maneuver.

A team of engineers has launched an ambitious plan to string lights across the Atlantic Ocean in an effort to make nighttime crossings "less scary" for sailors.

Police are on the lookout for two crooks whose clever disguises allowed them to sneak undetected into the enclosure and make off with a baby panda.

Citing the difficulties of visually differentiating between Americans and Canadians, President Bush is pressuring Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to enact legislation requiring every Canadian citizen to have a maple leaf tattooed on the back of their neck.

Zookeepers at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. announced that Tai Shan will try out for this year's American Idol contest.

Earlier this week, Grant's dentist released some interesting pictures of the things she does to him while he's under the influence of nitrous oxide.

As part of their struggle to remain profitable, JetBlue is continuing it's search for innovative ways to cram more people onto flights.

A clogged toilet bowl has been identified as the cause of a recent flood that devastated the area.

An Indian man nearly suffocated after his head became trapped inside of a bubble gum balloon he'd blown.

Despite low prices and frequent "Buy one, get two free" promotions, the Urine Beer tent remained nearly empty throughout this year's Oktoberfest celebration.

Our video of the week is by Plain White T's "Hate (I Really Don't Like You)

A crew team had to be rescued when their boat became stuck in the middle of the river. It was later discovered that each side had been rowing in opposite directions.

A craftsman lost everything he owned when he became a bit too overzealous in building his new houseboat.

According to the company website, RJ Reynolds is releasing a new brand of cigarettes designed to make smoking fun again.

And finally, Back Door Bears topped the porn DVD sales list for the fifth consecutive week...

...barely beating out Panda Orgy 7: Eats, Shoots, and Leaves for the honor.