Friday, November 17, 2006

The Week in Pictures LXVIII

Random Friday Thoughts:

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is almost here. It's been 70 degrees out all week, and it feels more like spring than autumn. It's like living in San Diego for chrissakes. I hope the cool weather gets here soon.

Have several parties to go to tomorrow, and at my age that means I'll have to spend next week recovering. Fortunately, it's a short week and Thanksgiving is the least stressful of all of the major holidays. (Well, for anyone other than turkeys, I suppose). For the rest of us, there's nothing to do but eat, watch football, and think about the four day weekend.

What amazes me is that so many people continue to eat turkey for lunch, even knowing that they'll be eating nothing but that for the next week or so. I'm guessing that turkey sales must drop 90% from the norm during the two weeks after the holiday.

Finally, after reading pinknest's post, I stopped in at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central for a lobster roll the other day. I'd write about how much I enjoyed it, but I'll just refer you to her post and pics instead.

On a side note, I only know them from what I've read on her blog, but pinknest and Matt seem like two of the coolest people on earth.

Anyway, on to the WiP:

Leadership of the newly elected Democratic majority showed their inexperience when they took too literally a suggestion that they huddle in order to discuss strategy.

Meanwhile in Iraq, Death fought to a draw with a farmer.

As worldwide population growth continues to soar, God is said to be considering hiring some temporary staff to help keep up with the demand.

In a related story, Satan is recovering nicely from a head injury he suffered when his horns got caught while he was running through a doorway.

Savvy travelers have uncovered a loophole in air carrier restrictions on the number of pieces of luggage that can be checked aboard a flight.

Former football great Emmitt Smith won the Dancing with the Stars competition by wowing the judges with his hip gyrations while copulating with his partner.

Our video of the week is "Remind Me" by Royksopp

A local family received a shock when they had their tires changed and found their missing son inside one of them.

Badly in need of technology expertise, a new town in the Nevada desert built a huge KFC franchise in the hopes of enticing Doug to move there.

Now that the gravy train ride is over, Kevin Federline has taken a job as a majorette for a high school marching band.

There are also rumors that the newly re-christened FedEx has taken a second job as the Burger King mascot.

A sailor silenced his critics who called the feat impossible by becoming the first person to sail to the top of the globe.

Locals walked away disappointed when a much publicized fireworks show in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan turned out to be nothing more than a group of men lifting sparklers into the air.

Concerned over ongoing drug trafficking in the area, a group of superheroes have volunteered to fly patrols over the Florida Keys.

Seeking to avoid fights over eligible women, some bars in NYC have begun hiring referees to settle disputes over who should get women's phone numbers.

And finally, a man was stranded for several hours when his penis became caught in the window as he tried to escape a jealous husband had come home unexpectedly just moments earlier.