Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Morning After

I packed my suitcase at 3:00 this morning after stumbling home from the after-party, so I'm a little concerned about what I'll find when I open it later tonight. Meanwhile, my liver is busy sending messages to my brain telling it that it may need to take today off. It's a fair trade, I suppose, given how many days off my brain has taken of late.

To make matters worse, a sadistic recruiter out in California scheduled a candidate to meet with me at 8:00 this morning - despite the fact that she knew that the holiday party was last night. It's for a position on my team, so I really couldn't say no, but you can bet that it's going to be a topic of discussion between the recruiter and I at tomorrow's meeting.

Meanwhile, the poor woman sat there trying to sell herself while I kept wondering if it would be bad form to pass out in the midst of the interview. It might have been embarassing for her had I done so, but it would have been balanced out by the fact that I'd have been left with no choice but to offer her the job.

Frankly, I'm exhausted. The bagel I just ate seems to have magically regained it's original shape and size when it reached my stomach - and also seems to be slacking when it comes to doing it's job of soaking up any excess alcohol that I haven't metabolized.

I'm not sure there's enough coffee in the world to get me through today. I need to face facts. I just can't hang any more.

My 6:00 flight to Long Beach, seems an eternity away and I can't wait to crash on the plane.

Erm...that's not what I meant to say.