Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Week in Pictures LXXI

What are you looking at sugar tits?

Sorry, I'm still a little cranky and sore from the vestiges of the flu that kept me from posting this on Friday and, let's be honest, that Mel Gibson line will never get old.

That said, without further ado, let's move on to the WiP recap of the last few weeks.

Despite some unseemly photos emerging on the web, Miss USA Tara Conner was allowed to keep her crown after agreeing to touch Donald Trump. To her credit, the beauty queen swallowed her distaste and did what was necessary to hold on to her title.

Still, you can't really blame these two for wanting to kiss each other...

Tragedy struck in Moscow when the fireworks that erupted whenever a teenage couple kissed soared too low and ignited the pair.

It was a Frosty the Snowman-esque moment when a pig built out of snow magically came to life after a fake cigar donated by a magician was placed in its mouth. Unfortunately, just moments later the pig succumbed to lung cancer.

Having mastered the art of snake charming, some artists have moved on to the more difficult balloon charming circuit.

Two men were hospitalized in serious condition after they foolishly waved their testicles in the direction of a leopard cub.

A group of children barely escaped with their lives after being attacked by a pair of large, angry forest creatures.

Gratuitous picture of Leslie Bibb

WiP Classifieds:
For rent - Luxury apartment featuring exquisite views of the surrounding area.

Reclusive blogger Ultra was spotted wandering around a London park this past weekend.

Researchers may believe that they have perfected a way to make psychedelic mushrooms easier to identify.

Our video if the week is Aventura's Un Beso, which remains one of my favorite songs from 2006.

Meteorologists attribute the pre-holiday snowstorm that hit the Denver area to an overabundance of people dreaming of a white Christmas.

They also believe that the following week's storm in the same area was due to God's irritation at people's lack of gratitude for the holiday storm.

Meanwhile, a small boy who'd been missing since the storm finally succeeded in digging himself out.

This undated picture shows the tableware set in happier times before they split up when the dish ran away with the spoon.

In sports, Sevilla's Frederick Kanoute came to the rescue the other day by directing a lost fan to the restroom.

New York Ranger goaltender Kevin Weekes took a moment out of a recent game to comfort teammate Fedor Tyutin when the defenseman began crying about their opponents hitting him too hard.

Unable to find a tactful way to tell her that he'd found a new skating partner, Olivier Schoenfelder tore Isabelle Delobel's leg off during their routine at the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, effectively ending her career.

Meanwhile, Americans Milissa Gregoru and Denis Petukhov lost their shot at a medal when Petukhov couldn't stop himself from climaxing at a critical point in their routine.

And finally, Santa kicked off his post holiday season with his traditional Ski and Surf vacation - beginning on the slopes.

Before taking his private sleigh down to the tropics, where he nearly drowned several reindeer while making a drunken water landing.

And then passing out on the beach and vomiting on some nearby tourists.

Meanwhile his son, continues to show no interest in taking over the family business, preferring instead to pick up boys on the beach.