Monday, February 12, 2007

Lunch Review

Reading pinknest's blog on a daily basis has apparently had a not-so-subtle impact on my dining habits, for when I found myself hungry at lunchtime this afternoon, I chose to eschew my normal habit of grabbing a few Asada tacos with nachos and salsa in favor of a more refined dining experience. So with apologies to the aforementioned pinknest - and with a complete lack of mouthwatering pictures such as those she posts - here's a summary of the experience.

After a brief debate about the merits of various types of cuisine, my co-worker and I chose what we assumed was a Scottish restaurant that opened a few weeks back. Upon entering we were taken by surprise by the informal atmosphere and the notable absence of Haggis on the menu (not that I would have eaten it, mind you). After quizzing the waitstaff we learned that they actually specialized in traditional American fare.

Undaunted, we perused the menu and placed our orders. Despite the swarm of diners around us, the service was excellent and just a few minutes later we were enjoying our salads.

Hers was a harmonious blend of crisp greens, warm orange glazed grilled chicken, snow peas, edamame, mandarin oranges, and toasted almonds topped with sesame ginger dressing. I opted for the mixed greens with grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, shaved carrots, grated Parmesan cheese, savory garlic croutons and Cesar dressing.

Anxious to sample an appetizer, we opted to split a dish of tender chicken medallions in a honey mustard glaze. The chicken melted in our mouths and we could barely contain our chagrin when we realized that we'd finished them.

After a brief respite, we moved on to the next course. As the more health conscious of the two of us, she made the heart smart choice, opting for a tender juicy grilled chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and ripe tomato on a honey wheat bun. I, on the other hand, went with the manly burger, topped with cheese, fresh lettuce, a savory pickle, crisp onions, and an amazing sauce which, I later learned, consisted of (among other things) relish, vinegar, eggs, onions, garlic, mustard powder, and paprika.

Having devoured our entrees, we sat back fully sated before realizing that we'd forgotten about dessert! As a friend of mine has been teaching me lately, no matter how full you are, there's always room for sweets. That bit of wisdom became our mantra as we made our selections.

As was the case with the entree, she went the health conscious route with a Fruit and Yogurt Parfait consisting of granola heaped on yogurt heaped on fruit heaped on yogurt. In keeping with my theme of decadence, I selected the hot fudge sundae and apple pie. The cold sweetness of the ice cream contrasted perfectly with the warm, sticky goodness of the hot apple pie.

By the time we pushed ourselves away from the table we were in danger of either exploding or falling asleep standing up. In all, it was among the finest dining experiences I'd ever had - especially when you consider that the entire bill came to just over $20.

For those of you intersted in trying the place out, it's called McDonald's. There may even be one near you. Just look for the big red sign with the golden arches.