Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Can't Decide

Whenever I'm blue...I remember to breathe.



Sorry (again)

Whenever I'm feeling down I spend time thinking about things that I can't decide and then I get so confused that I can't remember what bothered me in the first place. For example I wonder:
  • If I like cilantro

  • If Robin Thicke is talented or merely a second rate Maxwelll

  • If I have a crush on Heather Graham (erm...the actress, not the author)

  • If fedoras are stylish cold weather wear or hopelessly outdated

  • If brownies should be considered a food group

  • If Ernest Hemingway was the manliest man ever or merely the one most guilty of overcompensating

  • If a Tempur-Pedic mattress would aid or impair sex

  • If I'm a child of a lesser God

  • If working in NYC leaves you ill equipped to work anywhere else

  • If it's possible to have an IQ in the negative numbers

There's probably more but I think I've bored you enough.