Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ideas for Life

I haven't been feeling quite right lately, so I went to the doctor yesterday. After putting me through a battery of tests, they finally came back with a diagnosis.

It turns out that I have a bad case of writer's block. The only known cure involves me actually getting a life, so I've begun thinking about things I can do.

I could follow pinknest's lead and visit some of New York City's fine dining establishments. Or I could emulate Jen by observing small children at play.1 I guess I could also stop sitting at home, playing with my Wii and go out an get some exercise like Doug did. Then again, I could shave my head and travel around India like Braleigh.2

I've also been meaning to learn how to play guitar, and to...

Hey...look! MythBusters is on tonight! I love that show!

Hmmm...perhaps I'll start tomorrow instead. Then again, NBC is showing a full hour of "The Office" followed by an all new "Scrubs" tomorrow night.

Dammit. This is going to be tougher than it looks.

1 Though last time I did that the police started asking way too many questions.

2 Though that would involve me growing some hair to shave.