Friday, March 23, 2007

The Week in Pictures LXXIX

Random Friday Thoughts

Well, it's Friday. And it's spring in New York. You know what that means. Warmer temperatures and days full of rain.

Softball practice begins on Sunday. If you need me, I'll be drunk by noon.

I get to see Jasmine this Saturday. Yesterday we had the following phone conversation:

Jasmine: I made you a pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin pie.
Me: You did? Thank you! That sounds four times better than a regular pumpkin pie.
Jasmine: (pauses) Yes. It's delicious.

She cracks me up.

On to the WiP:

BCBG Max Azria is called off an advertising campaign photo shoot after the model's soul separated from her body.

If the Vatican fashion show is any indication, the Pope will be showing off a sporty new look this spring.

As hinted at in Superman's picture last week, Batman became the second superhero this month to undergo transgender surgery.

In sports, the Spanish synchronized swimming team is believed to be the first to successfully complete the difficult "reverse belly flop" move in competition.

In other swimming news, two competitors are undergoing surgery after they became fused together as a result of a collision caused by a scheduling conflict between the diving and synchronized swimming competitions.

During an interview in Arborist magazine, a 100 year old tree expressed sadness that so many of the dogs he's come to know intimately are no longer alive.

A surprising new study shows that a flare shot into the sinus cavity is just as effective as the leading medication in clearing up congestion.

Astronomers are shocked at the discovery that the sun doesn't rise as the result of the Earth's rotation, but is instead thrown back into the sky each morning by a desert nomad.

Environmentalists say that the damage done by excessive urination into the Chicago River this St. Patrick's day may take years to reverse.

The must have accessory for men are diamond encrusted scrotum's, which give new meaning to the term "family jewels"

A fire walking exhibition in India was abruptly cancelled after the spectators melted from the heat.

Okay, I need to run. For some reason, I've become a huge fan of women's golf, and of Cristie Kerr in particular.