Friday, April 13, 2007

The Week in Pictures LXXX

Random Friday Thoughts

I haven't been doing these as much of late, so perhaps I should change the title to something like "The Week-ish In Pictures" or "The Every Second or Third Week (whenever I have time) in Pictures"

Negotiation and compromise are the key to any successful relationship. Real estate brokers, however, take that to the extreme. I'm reminded of this every time I watch two of them debate who should get the last bagel in the breakfast pantry.

I feel like crap today. I should have just stayed in bed and ignored the world, but I'm needed at work so that I really important stuff that nobody will remember or care about a month from now.

I started to create a Broadway show-stopping number WiP last week, but I didn't have time to finish it.

Here's how it began:

The Week in Pictures Showstopping Number
lyrics by Joe, Doug, and pinknest

Line: A pair of White Tree Nymphs squared off to see who would become the next monarch.

[cue music]

That's a butterfly joke.

Or as they say in Egg City, "a butterfly yolk"

A sex therapist is teaching new doggie styles.

To be near Halle Berry, I'd crawl a thousand miles.

The Week in Pictures
It's a weekly blogging fixture
The Week in Pictures
As sweet as a chocolaty mixture

Someone stole China's He Zi's bed.

While wallabies are still believed to give the best head.

Needless to say, that's as far as I got. Clearly I'm not all that creative.

So with that said, lets move on to the WiP:

Fish markets are stocking up on Golden Colored Tiger Fish after a recent survey showed that they are, for some reason, remarkably popular with lonely men.

Golfer Sergio Garcia was swallowed by a giant clam that lured him in by disguising itself as a sand trap.

A terrified Shakira abruptly canceled her NYC concert upon seeing me in the crowd.

Hilary Clinton issued a public apology after berating a woman who emerged from a meeting with former President Bill Clinton with what later turned out to be a vanilla icing stain on her dress.

A particularly strong storm caused coastal erosion, exposing what some believe to be the lost city of Atlantis.

Further exploration uncovered residents in the midst of their spring yard cleanup.

As tough times hit the journalism industry, freelance photographer Peter Parker has been forced to take on a job as a window washer.

Gratuitous picture of Adam Sandler (for SSC)

Everyone else get your gratuitous picture requests in now! Time is running out! Operators are standing by!

Madonna is working hard to get back in shape for her next world tour.

Italy's Francesco Dell'Uomo was injured when he accidentally leaped off the wrong end of the diving board.

Best. Set. Of. Melons. Ever.

Tired of always being beaten to the last lamb chop, a Florida man grafted baby crocodiles to replace his fingers.

Japan's Miki Ando finished last in the pairs figure skating competition after forgetting her partner in her hotel room.

A prison Panda porn ring was broken up after the animals became too loud.

A recent discovery indicates that Ancient Egyptian culture was far more advanced than previously believed.

And finally, Italian actor Gene Gnocchi paid off a bet with Dustin Hoffman by performing fellatio on stage at New York's Lincoln Center.