Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Of Blogs and Writer's Block

Whenever I have writer's block, I take a quick tour of the blog world and, um, steal some ideas from others.

On an inspirational note, Jen's mom gave her some of the best advice I've seen of late:

"El verdadero descubrimiento no consiste en buscar nuevas tierras, sino en mirar con nuevos ojos" Marcel Proust (The true discovery consists not in looking for new lands, but in looking with new eyes)

Which reminded me of something I read a while back (and I'm paraphrasing here)

Go through life looking at things as if you're seeing them for the first time or for the last time. and your life will be filled with wonder.

On a more disturbing note, stepping listed the NuvaRing (pictured above) as one of her favorite things. Despite her enthusiasm for the product, I remain skeptical. I can't imagine how holding a ring between the thumb and forefinger would keep a woman from getting pregnant. I think someone is gettting duped here.

It strikes me that the method suggested in their website banner would be a much more effective - albeit unwieldy - method of contraception.