Thursday, June 14, 2007

Critics Dumfounded as WiP Renewed

Random Thoughts from NYC announced today that they have renewed the Week in Pictures for another season. The renewal came as a surprise to many critics who have dubbed the feature, which had been waning in popularity, as "The Weak in Pictures" particularly given that the renewal came with an increase for the head writer that tripled his salary from $0 per post to $000.

"Joe is a comedic talent not seen since a young Robin Williams charmed the masses in the early days of Mork and Mindy," a representative of the blog said. "His jokes about bestiality, bodily functions, and his ability to compare celebrities to various woodland creatures will go down int he annals of comedy history."

Meanwhile, reaction in New York's Bryant Park was mixed.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." said Mort Goldstein, an 87-year-old retired bricklayer from Canarsie.

"Never heard of it" said a 23 year-old tourist and aspiring dancer who identified herself only as Candy.