Friday, June 22, 2007

The Week in Pictures LXXXIV

Random Friday Thoughts:

Just curious. When bees are too tired to fly, do they go to the buzz stop?

I flew back from California on Monday after an amazing week with SSC and the boys and, to be honest, it's been really difficult to adjust to being 3,000 miles away from them again. In addition, it's been a roller-coaster of a week and I'm glad the weekend is finally upon us so that I can deal with things without letting it affect my job.

That said, let's move on to the WiP:

Many lonely, older women are having themselves fitted with cup holders in the hopes of making themselves more appealing to potential suitors.

As part of their new partnership with the makers of Alpha-Bits, Maxwell House's Alphabet Coffee hit store shelves this week.

Gillette is branching out into the fashion industry with its new line of Satin Care Shave Gel dresses made entirely of foam.

The hot new trend in plastic surgery is laser breast lift surgery, which lasts for only seconds and can be done fully clothed in the physician's office.

California prison officials released this photo, which they claim shows Paris Hilton attempting to smuggle her pet dog into prison via one of her body cavities.

In a related story, Nicole Richie is desperately seeking new friends to pal around with now that her former-best-friend-turned-bitter-enemy-turned-friend-again does her prison time.

Former rebels Princess Leia and Han Solo gave birth to a daughter recently.

The baby is seen largely as an attempt to save the couple's marriage, which faltered when the Princess was caught canoodling on a Caribbean beach with former bitter enemy Darth Vader.

A panda in the National Zoo was detained this weekend on voyeurism charges after he climbed a tree and peered into his neighbors bedroom.

Looking to boost ratings by capitalizing on the current trend towards extreme sports, Sesame Street is taking on a new approach to teaching children numbers.

While the the Teletubbies are trying to broaden their appeal by releasing a cover album of the Beatles famed "Abbey Road"

The world's first solar powered boat continues to be stranded at sea each night that they don't get back to the dock by sundown.

Jealous American Idol runner-up Justin Blake has been pulling down Jordin Sparks' tops at every American Idols Live Tour event.

Gratuitous picture of the breathtakingly beautiful SSC.

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost the NBA Finals to the San Antonio Spurs after LeBron James and Donyell Marshall accidentally Crazy Glued their privates together.

Meanwhile, the Spurs Manu Ginobli was roundly ridiculed for doing the Macarena after the series clinching game.

Rescue workers using the "jaws of life" were able to save nearly 20 children who became trapped in their hula hoops during recess.

Recent evidence suggests that, in addition to beauty, tourists are sometimes in the eye of the beholder.

The Indonesian government is scrambling to find a place to hold it's track and field events after aliens swooped in and stole Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta.

And finally, GMC unveiled a new school bus design that they say virtually eliminates the chance of rollover accidents.