Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Week in Pictures LXXXV

Random Friday Thoughts:

Summer hours continue; I'm working in the Long Island office, just a few minutes from home; there's a weekend of beautiful, cooler than normal temperatures ahead; and I have no softball game on Sunday, which means that I won't need to wake up at 7 a.m.

Those are all great things, right? So why do I feel so frustrated, and tired today?

All I know is that I'm heading to the gym right after work to get rid of some of this stress so that I can enjoy the weekend.

Anyway, let's move on to the WiP:

According to Paris Hilton, she went on Larry King's show this week because she'd been reading the Bible while in prison and wanted to meet someone who actually knew Moses.

A massive education effort is underway after recent study showed that most unwanted pregnancies are the result of improper condom use.

The usually reserved Wimbledon Tennis Championships are a different place this year since the All-England Club turned the stands into a spinning carnival ride.

Tragedy struck when a sumo wrestler attacked a young, diaper wearing boy who had crouched on the playground to relieve himself.

Some archaeologists are working on a revolutionary new theory that dinosaurs weren't nearly as large as previously suspected.

As has been suspected for years, recently uncovered photographic evidence reveals that President Bush is really a ventriloquists dummy, operated by Vice President Cheney.

The ASPCA is seeking to bring charges against a woman who has allegedly been using baby deer antlers to pop the locks whenever she accidentally leaves her keys in the car.

A United Airlines pilot was suspended for repeatedly terrifying passengers and construction workers by buzzing buildings under development.

Marine biologists are frantically working to save the life of a shark that accidentally swallowed a chainsaw.

It was an embarrassing moment for a woman at Britain's Royal Ascot Races when a gust of wind revealed her fashionable hat to be nothing more than an elaborate comb-over.

Scientists working on the Human Genome Project say that ethnicity is even more clearly mapped into DNA than they'd ever imagined.

And finally, there is growing concern that polar bears in captivity are adapting human characteristics, including playing children's games such as Hide and Seek.