Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blog, Blog, Blog

Thinking up material for my blog can be a frustrating process. At times there seems to be a veritable cornucopia of ideas brewing in my head, but at other times my brain is as barren as...well, I was going to say as barren as Carthage after Scipio Africanus took his revenge on Hannibal's homeland, but even I don't quite understand that reference...so let's just say as barren as a Star Trek fan's social calendar.

Anyway, I got to thinking about this yesterday and I decided that there is a fortune to be made writing blog posts for people who are too devoid of ideas...erm....or are busy at work doing the job they're being paid to do.

I'll charge something like $20 per post to write generic, yet authentic sounding post. For example:

Geez, it's hot today. Its so hot, that when I was having breakfast with my self/roomate/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend I looked out the window and saw two trees fighting over a dog! Seriously, though, I feel like I need to visit Hell just to cool off.

Anyway, I'm off to work today. I only hope that my boss/co-worker/secretary doesn't spend the entire day again organizing a Clay Aiken (born Clayton Holmes Grissom on November 30, 1978 - thank you Wikipedia!) defense fund on the off chance that he faces charges for the
altercation he had with a woman during a recent flight.

Wish me luck!

See? It's drivel like that that keeps the blog world afloat.

Anyway, I've even thought of a cool name for my new company. It's perfect in that it's both patriotic and descriptive.

I'm going to call it 'The United States Postal Service'!

I'm a marketing genius.

Wait....what do you mean that name is already taken?