Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blogservations: Of Bargains and Beverages

More Random Stuff:

The other day I was at the store when I saw something advertised as $5 - Two for $10. I didn't need two, but I picked them up anyway because, let's be honest, who can resist a bargain? I was on line to pay before I said "Hey...wait a minute..."

While walking to work this morning, I saw a woman drain the dregs of her venti iced coffee, toss the cup into a garbage can, and follow me into Starbucks to order another one. That certainly explains the sprinter-like speed with which she shot down the street.

While continuing my journey, I also noticed a local deli advertising "Steak In Chilladas" as a lunch special. As a matter of conditioning, my first thought was "Wow, that's someplace that pinknest would probably never eat."

The remainder of my walk was spent wondering what a Steak-In-Cillada" is. I finally settled on it being a meaty, iced, blended beverage. Clearly they're trying to take away some market share from the aforementioned Starbucks.

While in the restroom today, I heard a gentleman in one of the stalls whisper "Someone just came in, so can I call you back a little bit later? Okay, I love you."

Now my question is this: Was someone coming into the restroom really the reason why he should have ended the call?

Okay, I'm off to California so that I can achieve my usual SSC-inspired ataraxia.

God, I love word-of-the day.

See you upon my return.