Monday, August 06, 2007

Blogservations: Illin'

Ten Thoughts:

  1. I'm convinced that the highway system in Southern California was designed by a conglomerate of oil companies. This much is made obvious by the complete lack of mass transportation options, the traffic jams at all hours of the day and night, and the fact that there are large valleys that force people to drive a mile out of their way to loop around to their intended destination.

  2. On the other hand, the beaches (and in particular the sunsets) almost make up for it...almost. As evidenced by the picture on the right that I took at Crystal Cove, you can't even mess them up by taking a picture with your cell phone.

  3. I'm probably overstating this, but there are few things in life that are worse than having the flu during the summer.

  4. My softball team goes for it's third championship in a row (and fourth overall) on Sunday. Book your plane tickets now so that you can come out and watch. It's history in the making, I tell you.
  5. The other day I saw a story about a warning on a bleach bottle that read "this bottle is not to be used as a drinking container" and I thought, "I'm sure it would be fine if I cleaned it out with bleach first."
  6. Splendiferous, cornucopia, and plethora are among the many tragically underutilized words in the English language.

  7. Whereas Paris, Hilton, Britney, and Spears are among the most over utilized.

  8. A word of advice: Never start a list of ten items if you can only think of eight things.