Monday, August 13, 2007

Weather 'Tis Nobler

Every time I watch the news, I'm struck by the way in which the anchors seem to blame the weatherperson for any bad weather that may occur. They're forever saying things like "That was some storm we had yesterday, Mike. Sounds like you have some explaining to do." or "The heat and humidity have been brutal, Linda. When are you going to bring us some cooler weather?"

Conversely, the other members of the news team don't have the same level of accountability for what happens on their respective beats.

For example, they never say to the traffic reporter "Good morning, Jill. How long before you clear up that three car collision on the Grand Central?" The sports reporter never hears "The Mets are struggling of late. You're going to get fired if they don't get it together quickly." And they never say "For more on this story, we go to Andre DuBois in Crown Heights. Andre, tell me when you're going to put an end to the crime wave that's plaguing that neighborhood." to the news reporter.

It's just not fair.

If we're going to make the weatherperson responsible for the weather, then let's make everyone responsible for their beat. In fact, let's take it one step further. They know about stories before we do, which gives them plenty of time to make things right before they report it. I'd like it much better if I heard things like this:

"A bodega in Astoria was robbed at gunpoint this morning. After reviewing the video and questioning eyewitnesses, I single-handedly apprehended the suspect and he's now in the process of being booked by local police."

"The Mets were trailing 6-4 late in the 9th and it didn't look good, so I quickly signed a one-day contract and hit a three-run walk-off homer to give the Amazins a 7-6 victory."

"Traffic was jammed up on the Cross-Bronx this morning due to a stalled vehicle, so I had the traffic copter swoop down and drop me off so I could install a new alternator in the 2003 Ford Taurus that was causing the problem. Afterwards, the pilot, the cameraman, and I stopped at the toll booths at the GWB to help with the congestion there and I'm happy to say that traffic is now moving along nicely through the area."

I really don't think it's too much to ask.