Friday, August 31, 2007

The Week in Pictures LXXVII

Random Friday Thoughts:

The holidays are upon us once more with this weekend's Labor Day celebration. Three days off is a wonderful way to wrap up the summer and it makes me proud, as Miss Teen South Carolina might say to be a U.S. American.

Question: Why does Tigger wash his hands so frequently?

Answer: Because he's always playing with Pooh!

Anyway, today is the last of our Summer Hours Fridays and I'm off to take advantage of it, so let's move on to the WiP:

As the tenth anniversary of Princess Diana's tragic death passes, the media is awash with stories ranging from her fairy-tale wedding to Prince Charles to the joy she took in teasing her friends by tossing unexploded land mines at them.

The French Air Force practiced maneuvers this weekend, culminating in their traditional spelling out of the words "We Surrender."

The threat of flooding from days of non-stop downpours was averted when an observant parks department worker noticed that someone had merely forgotten to turn off the giant shower head that had recently been installed on a nearby hillside.

A unidentified woman in Kabul, Afghanistan staged a brief protest by flashing her melons in public.

Meteorologists are trying to increase the accuracy of their predictions by examining clouds more closely.

Vietnamese ballerinas are being taught how to levitate as a way of trying to reduce the stress put on their bodies by dancing.

Though not all of the dancers have perfected their landing techniques, yet.

The Malaysian Transportation Authority is experimenting with new ways to keep their trains running even during power outages.

Elvis fans are rejoicing at news that "The King" may have been reincarnated.

In sports, a man who dubs himself "the world's biggest Maria Sharapova fan" said he was "thrilled" when the tennis star came crashing into his living room while chasing a ball during warm ups on a nearby tennis court.

A high-school soccer match in Spain was temporarily halted when it inexplicably began raining tomatoes.

A rhythmic gymnastics participant was briefly hospitalized after she became entangled in her Slinky during a recent event.

Filming began this week on a science fiction movie about an Icelandic singer who gets caught in a time warp. The working title is "Bjork to the Future."

And finally, a local teen had what he called "the pee of a lifetime" when he emerged from his car after being trapped in a traffic jam for six hours.