Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Five Wednesday Thoughts

1. Last week's lunar eclipse gave me the opportunity to stand on the train platform and bellow "You have displeased the gods! Pay me tribute and I will convince them to bring back your moon!" at my fellow commuters. Sadly, the sun began to rise before anyone could get their wallets out. I'll have to remember to try this on the west coast next time.

2. My birthday is coming up on Friday and all week long I've had the Ben Folds song "Still Fighting It" running through my head - particularly the part that goes "Everybody knows / It hurts to grow up / And everybody does /It's so weird to be back here / Let me tell you what /The years go on and / We're still fighting it / We're still fighting it"

I'm trying not to read too much into that.

3. Modell's, a northeast sporting goods chain, has a store near my office. For the past week or two they've stationed workers outside in an effort to coerce passersby to apply for their new MasterCard. As an enticement, they're giving away a Modell's t-shirt or hat to everyone that applies for the card. For some reason, people eat that up. I have a hard time understanding a thought process that seems to go like this:

"So let me get this straight. Not only will you give me a credit card with an exorbitant interest rate that rewards me with points that can only be used in your stores, but you'll also let me walk around advertising your company? Is there any way that I can get a shirt and a hat? No? What if I fill out two applications? Okay. You don't want to over-saturate the market and dilute the brand. I understand. Anyway, it sounds great! Where do I sign up?"

4. When I went downstairs to grab lunch yesterday, I noticed a woman at the bottom starting up the escalator clearly searching for someone. When I left for the day about five hours later, she was still there doing the same thing. That's the most dedicated stalker I've seen in quite some time.

5. I've noticed an increasing tendency to add the suffix "holic" to people who overindulge in a particular habit. Someone who overeats is called a "foodaholic." Someone who spends too much time is slumber is a "sleepaholic." A person addicted to sex is a "sexaholic." I assume these are all offshoots of alcoholic, but if you look at the term it's simply the word "alcohol" with and "ic" at the end. Therefore, wouldn't the proper words be foodic, sleepic, and sexic?

Then again, maybe not. After all, I've heard "Sex? Ick!" from enough women to last me a lifetime.