Tuesday, October 09, 2007

By George

For some reason, celebrity sightings abound these days. Over the past two months, I've spotted John Travolta, Kelly Preston, and Robin Williams, Lucy Liu, and Kristen Johnsten at various places around the city. Then last week, I saw Cameron Diaz with Ashton Kutcher and his mom, Demi Moore, at Prime in Huntington. And finally, on Saturday evening I arrived at the Post House for our guys night out only to discover that George Clooney was sitting at the table across from us.

Just as they respect my privacy by not interrupting me to tell me how much they love my blog, I don't bother them while they're doing things like pointing me out to their security detail. Instead, the celebrities and I usually amuse ourselves by taking discreet (and grainy) pictures of each other with our respective cell phones. What I didn't count on was the aforementioned Mr. Clooney becoming so jealous about the stream of blog readers stopping by my table to ask me for an autograph and perhaps a funny caption for their family photo that he actually had the restaurant hang a sign calling attention to himself.

Click on the photo to enlarge and see for yourself.

After seeing that, I did make it a point to stop by on the way out to whisper "Have some pride, George." It was hard to get too mad at him, though.

After all, the blog life is pretty glamorous.