Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An Open Letter to Google

Dear Google,

During one of your periodic updates to blogger, you added a feature to the comments box which allows users to receive email notifications whenever someone posts a follow-up comment.

In theory, this is a nice little widget but if I were to use it on my blog it would obliterate what little self-esteem I have left. For example, when I check my comments now, I think things like " comments. Haloscan must be having technical difficulties." before going on my merry and self-deluded way. If I were to go back to blogger comments, I fear that this new
feature would turn me into a internet era Charlie Brown, constantly checking my virtual mailbox and collapsing with a weary sigh when I see it empty once again.

So please have some mercy and remove this widget.

Your Friend,

Apparently while I was off in SoCal for the weekend and up in El Segundo for meetings on Monday and Tuesday (most of which were spent trekking up and down N. Sepulveda Blvd or staring out the window at Raytheon's cool private park) I was furious to return and find that someone had the nerve to throw a wild party on the internet1 and, quite frankly, there was no way I was ever going to get those wine stains out of the blog template. So, as you may have noticed, I was forced to roll-out the re-branded template without all of the fanfare. That said, we were able to put together a special thank you to our readers as part of the celebration, so if you look under your seat, you'll find a key to a new car.

If it's not there, than someone from the party must have stolen it.2

And finally, a bad holiday joke for pinknest:

Q: What do ghosts and goblins like to eat for lunch?
A: Halloweenies
1 See pictures here, here, and here

2While I'm at it, I'm also disappoitned that nobody took it upon themselves to update the blog in my absence...but that's another open letter just waiting to be written.