Friday, December 28, 2007

Marketing: The Early Years

I spent hours slaving over my blog the other day to prepare my post, only to be corrected later that afternoon by one of my co-workers who, upon hearing my witty rejoinder about the length of time until Christmas 2008, reminded me that there are technically 12 days of Christmas1 and that she remained well within the bounds of proper holiday etiquette by wishing me a Merry Christmas on any or all of those twelve days.

This lead to the following conversation:

Her: "Why do you guys have 12 days of Christmas anyway?"

Me: "I think it was part of an early Christian marketing campaign. I believe it was "Try the new and improved Christmas - now 50% longer than Hanukkah!"

1The Twelve Days of Christmas is probably the most misunderstood part of the church year. Contrary to much popular belief, these are not the twelve days before Christmas, but in most of the Western Church are the twelve days from Christmas until the beginning of Epiphany, which falls on January 6th). However, in some traditions, the first day of Christmas begins on the evening of December 25th with the following day considered the First Day of Christmas (December 26th). In these traditions, the twelve days begin December 26 and include Epiphany on January 6.