Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tech Wreck

Last night on the train there was a man sitting next to me listening to what appeared to be a first generation mp3 player. The thing was so big that at first I thought he was holding an eight-track cassette.

I mean, I've read books that are smaller than that.

When his phone rang later, I half expected to see him pull out one of these.

Of course, as I sat there silently mocking the obsolescence of his technology1, I realized that I was carrying around a four-year old, (discontinued) Blackberry whose keys crackle so much that I sound like I'm eating a bowl of Rice Krispies every time I send a email.

Shoot. Now I need to go check a few other blogs to see who is out there making fun of me.2
1 And now that I reflect upon it, disturbingly taking clandestine pictures of the gentleman's lap.

2 Other than the usual suspects, I mean.