Monday, January 07, 2008

Trick or....Sweet!

After a delightful week spent hanging out in California with SSC and the boys, I'm back at work today busily concentrating on finalizing the merit increase worksheets for my region, which I need to submit to compensation by the close of business today.

Needless to say, it's pretty-pressure filled day.1 So what better time to blog? I'll try to write something decent tomorrow2, but in the meantime I wanted to float an idea out there in the hopes that you could use your considerable blogging influence to get this implemented by year end.

I'm thinking that we should turn New Year's Eve into an adult version of Halloween. We can put on costumes consisting of paper hats, sunglasses, etc and go door to door collecting miniature bottles of alcohol and perhaps some leftover holiday snacks.3 This way the people who want to go out don't have to pay $150 per person to sit in a club, and those who want to stay home can do so while basking in the knowledge that they're spreading holiday cheer to the masses.

Everybody wins!

Anyway, I'll put Doug in charge of West Coast operations, pinknest in charge of the East, and Slinger can handle the middle of the country. 4

So stop reading and get to work.
1 Pressure being a relative term, of course. It's not like I'm doing open heart surgery or working on the bomb squad. It's just that nothing is more likely to annoy an employee than not getting their raise on time.

2 But if 2007 was any indication, you shouldn't expect it to be particularly funny, well-written, or thought provoking.

3 Don't bother coming to my house. In the unlikely even that I'm home, I'll probably follow my "oh crap, I forgot to buy Halloween candy!" strategy by pretending to have just run out of goodies.

4 Okami and messiah should feel free to divide Canada however they see fit.