Thursday, February 21, 2008

Caffeine, You Cruel Mistress

I'm in one of our suburban offices this afternoon. One of the problems with being outside of midtown Manhattan is that the other offices are so sedate peaceful boring. As a result, I find myself falling asleep periodically throughout the day.

As my eyelids grew heavy and my head began to sag towards my chest during a conference call this afternoon, my senses were aroused by the sounds of a cappuccino maker chugging away around the corner. I quickly put the call on mute and hustled around the bend, pseudo-environmentally-friendly-polyethylene-coated-paper-cup in hand only to realize that what I'd actually heard in my sleep-deprived state was a wet-vac being used in brief spurts by one of our facilities workers.

So, in summary, I hate New Jersey.