Tuesday, February 26, 2008


They stumbled through the door, trailing the wires from their electronic devices behind them like tails and causing passersby to stutter-step them for fear of tripping. The ambled about aimlessly, slowly adjusting to their newly nomadic lifestyles.

It wasn't long before things took a turn for the worse. The batteries on their laptops, mp3 players, cell phones, and PDAs began dying, forcing them to communicate with the outside world - a task for which they were ill suited, for they spoke a strange amalgam of languages nearly unrecognizable to those outside of their clan. An insular crowd to begin with, their patience with the outsiders was further tested by the withdrawal induced headaches that began as dull throbbing but quickly graduated searing flashes of agony.

Forced down to their hands and knees by the blinding pain, they crawled back to whence they came. One by one they curled into the fetal position and quietly moaned to themselves as they counted the endless minutes until the emergency re-training was over and Starbucks threw open it's doors again.


In a related story from today's New York Post, it appears that some customers are pretty angry about the temporary closing. My favorite quote was this one:

"What am I supposed to do, make it myself?" fumed NYU student Mallory Drew, 18, at the always-packed Lafayette Street and Astor Place location.

Erm....well, yeah. That's one option.