Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Month in Pictures: March 2008

In a scene reminiscent of Former President George Bush's 1992 visit to Japan, cartoon character Doraemon tossed his pancakes on Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura during an inauguration ceremony at the foreign ministry in Tokyo.

Jesus appeared for his traditional Easter sunset walk across the water.

Scientists in Finland have created the first successful mushroom/human hybrid that they believe will act as it's own food source.

The increasing world population forced several Easter Bunnies to come out of retirement and use their mobility scooters to help distribute eggs.

New technology allows animals to see in advance what they might look like after a species change operation.

Shy women will have the perfect outfit to wear this fall.

In political news, Satan formally endorsed Hilary Clinton

And now requires all of her supporters to carry her mark upon their heads.

Meanwhile controversial campaign photos emerged of Barack Obama attempting to kiss John Kerry during a rally.

Kerry, seen here checking out the presidential hopeful's ass, admitted that he was "intrigued" by the advance.

* DISCLAIMER: This is not a political blog and the above are not intended to reflect my beliefs. They're just jokes.

Brittany Spears suffered a stroke after downing one too many triple whip half-and-half chai lattes.

The sun underwent some emergency repairs this weekend, leaving the region bathing in dusk for several hours.

In a related story, the moon will also need some work after suffering damage in a collision with the Chrysler Building in Manhattan.

Soaring food costs are forcing food vendors to test market new wares, including roasted-tire-on-a-stick.

Thousands flocked to the newly opened toilet museum for where they were able to marvel at all of the crap inside.

Dwindling in popularity, the NBA is said to be experimenting with a new hoop design for the 2008-2009 season.

A spring thaw revealed that Santa, who has been missing since Christmas morning, appears to have frozen to death...

Authorities suspect it was the result of the sleigh going out of control when two of his reindeer locked antlers.

President Bush spent hours with Congress last month as they tried to teach him how to read.

Thousands of protesters gathered on a beach to demand the immediate release of all whales from the ocean.

A local priest admitted that he may have gone "a little overboard" when installing energy efficient fluorescent lights in his church.

Police are testing out a new undercover vehicle that they hope will lure drug dealers out into the open.

An archaeological expedition in Egypt revealed that Ferris wheels are much older than originally thought.

Jennifer Lopez is suing the doctors that helped her with the birth of her twins after they accidentally sewed her ass to the front.

A romantic moment was ruined when the young man responsible for this display whispered "I just wanted you to know that I have a giant heart on for you."

Police in Italy are still looking for the prankster that had the balls to pull this stunt.

And finally, a touching vigil was held in memory of the millions of flowers that sacrificed their lives for the a new municipal parking lot.