Friday, April 18, 2008

Week in Pictures: 80 Degrees in NYC Edition

Random Friday Thoughts:

Not to sound like Slinger, whose recommendations are always solid, but much to my surprise (I've never been a big fan) I'm greatly enjoying the new R.E.M. release, Accelerate.

Spring has apparently sprung here in NYC....and have I mentioned how much I despise the heat?

I have to do a presentation at a conference in DC next week and I have no idea what to say. Do you think it's a good job to just read various blog posts to them?

Anyway, let's move on to the WiP:

Studies show that as the economy worsens, infants are staying in the womb longer - sometimes into their teenage years.

Much to their dismay, a team of skydivers found that arranging themselves in a snowflake pattern did not cause them to float harmlessly to the ground.

According to a recent survey, Berlin's roadways are said to have the worst pothole problem in the world.

Trying to establish her reputation as a regular "blue collar" woman, Hillary Clinton has begun doing shots with her supporters at every campaign stop.

Archaeologists discovered the nearly perfect remains of a Neanderthal who apparently froze to death while going to the bathroom.

Newly pregnant Nicole Kidman was said to be nearly inconsolable after her husband, Keith Urban, made a joke about how close she came to having Tom Cruise's child.

A team of enterprising lumberjacks have fitted a giant Ferris Wheel with blades, allowing them to clear acres of land in mere seconds.

An local man has invented a massage vest that allows users to target specific sore spots by setting cell phones to vibrate and dialing the specific number. The vest retails for $100, not including the 15 cell phone service plans required.

After a rough week in which thousands of flights were cancelled, American Airlines has set aside special areas in which passengers can say a quick prayer that their flight will take off on time.

Beset by financial troubles, Sesame Street star Big Bird is selling his palatial estate, which includes a giant swimming pool and bird bath.

The zoo at Nuremberg incurred the wrath of PETA after photos emerged showing that they were using polar bear cub Flocke as child labor.

A clergyman leaped to take away a certain ninth-inning home run, preserving Good's victory over Evil in their annual spring baseball game.

And finally, a group of adorable stuffed baby seals took the streets in protest after a store owner marked them down to 50% off.