Friday, April 11, 2008

The Week in Pictures: Free Time Edition

Random Friday Thoughts
I had fun doing the MiP last week and I found a few spare minutes this week so i thought I'd trot out another WiP.

I used to reserve this spot for semi-witty observations, but you know what? After the stress of the last few weeks, I've got let's move on to the WiP.

A group of Pandas washed ashore this week after a daring escape from their oppressors at the local zoo.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is said to be mystified at the perception that his government is a "Mickey Mouse operation."

A set of conjoined twins have chosen to be separated rather than to continue suffering from the debilitating neck pain from carrying each other around.

Horticulturists are becoming increasingly concerned about a disease that threatens to wipe out an entire grove of Water Chestnut trees.

Flocke is suing the National Enquirer for publishing nude pictures snapped by paparazzi during the bear cub's recent vacation from the zoo in Nuremberg.

Several people from a small village were injured when a prankster placed some banana peels on a log the townspeople used as a bridge.

Police do not believe it is the work of the same individual who placed crazy glue on the shoelaces of the North Carolina cheerleading squad.

Pamela Anderson's breast reduction surgery took an odd turn when implants containing helium were accidentally inserted.

And finally, a baseball fan in Florida is facing harassment charges for walking up to female fans and asking if they'd like to touch his wiener.