Friday, May 30, 2008

The Month in Pictures: May 2008

Random Friday Thoughts:

Okay, seriously folks, was that the best you could do with your deep, dark secrets? sigh...

As I reflect upon my life one thing has become apparent. Clearly I didn't make the most of having summers off as a child. That's way too much responsibility for a child anyway. They should make children go to school year round and let the adults take summers off. I'm going to write to my congressional representative with that suggestion.

And on that note, lets move on to the MiP:

President Bush may finally see some military action as war protesters super-glued him to an Air Force Academy graduate who is slated to serve in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton tried to persuade uncommitted super delegates of her ability to lead by having her face carved onto Mount Rushmore.

Police have added extra patrols at a local department store that they feel may have been targeted.

The Giant Panda Olympics kicked off with the tug-of-war competition.

Unfortunately, several of the participants had to be hospitalized when the rope broke sending them hurtling backwards.

Chelsea's Joe Coleman was red carded when he misunderstood his coach's instruction to mark Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand and head the ball at every opportunity.

The Guinness Book of World Records has another member as a man set a record by eating six flaming marshmallows in ten seconds.

A Russian woman failed in her attempt to enter the record book when the world's largest broom collapsed as she attempted to sweep up some dust on the moon.

A train derailment is being blamed on a drunken cat who was hired as a conductor just two weeks ago.

I suppose that was a Cat-astrophe. HA HA HA...ha...erm...sorry.

Saying that they are simply "tired of swimming" after two million years in the water, turtles abruptly took to the skies this week.

A woman is suing a Body Piercing Training Academy after she fell asleep and awoke to find that the entire student body had used her face for practice.

And finally, hell froze over last week, leaving Satan stricken with a severe case of frostbite.