Friday, May 16, 2008

Week in Pictures: Sunburn Editon

Random Friday Thoughts

Softball season is already well underway and so for...welll...we're playing horribly. In fact, the only thing I'm looking forward to is the fact that it's supposed to be sunny, which will allow me to check out the sunburn line on my forehead to see exactly how much hair I've lost over the winter.

Summer hours kick off next week which means that I'll be off at 3 pm every Friday from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Can't wait.

Anyway, let's move on to the WiP...

Among the favors given out at Jenna Bush's wedding last week were coffee mugs that when filled with a hot beverage magically change into a naked picture of the President.

In a nod to the British sense of propriety, St. Paul's Cathedral will now blush at any hint of a national scandal.

The Swedish hockey team says they've perfected an offensive strategy that makes it nearly impossible not to score.

Other teams - such as the Swiss pictured here - have failed miserably while trying to mimic the strategy.

Infamous blogger Grant has invented a device that sends a signal to his cell phone whenever a woman that he may find attractive enters into a one-mile radius of his current location.

Kate Hudson was briefly hospitalized due to stomach pains and shortness of breath brought on when she was unable to stop laughing as Matthew McConaughey tried to convince her that he can, indeed, act.

New York City laid out grids on all of it's sidewalks in the hopes of luring the prestigious and potentially lucrative Water Balloon Dropping convention to the city.

A model who had a chandelier attached to her head claims that she's now capable of having up to eleven ideas at once.

The theory of evolution received a boost when a woman who failed clean her mop for over a decade reported that life had begun to form on it.

Members of Oz's gay and lesbian community successfully lobbied to have a portion of the famed yellow brick road repainted to reflect what they call "the diversity of the entire community"

Members of Australia's government were shocked when they arrived at work this morning to learn that aliens had picked up and transported away the entire Parliament building.

And finally, a member of the Spanish synchronized swimming team was forced to resign from the team after she was unable to overcome her deathly fear of water.