Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sex and the Star Wars

The internet buzz was staggering, beginning over a year in advance and steadily building until the premiere.

There were pre-premiere theme parties to which many guests arrive in costume.

There were eagerly awaited midnight showings with huge crowds lined up outside waiting to be among the first to experience the extravaganza.

Fans and journalists alike rushed to write about the experience and to analyze every detail of the movie. As was to be expected, some were thrilled with the finished product while others decried every aspect of it - many calling it to account for the myriad ways in which it fell short of the original.

Even the least satisfied fans revealed their desier to sit through repeated viewings of the movie, reveling in every second of its somewhat bloated two-hour plus runtime.

The similarities are endless, but the point remains the same:

The Sex and the City movie is Star Wars for women.

Still, if given a choice between the two crowds, I'd invariably choose the SATC group.

After all, they dress better, there are copious amounts of alcohol served at their parties and, as previously mentioned, they're nearly invariably female.

Probably the most compelling argument in their favor, though, is that when they say that they love the movie because it reminds them of how they and their friends interact, they aren't referring to a 7 1/2 foot-tall hairy guy with a speech impediment and another friend who has an unrequited crush on his own sister.